All aboard, the polar EXPRESS

Omar Gonzalez
3 min readOct 16, 2020


Come on now, that is a scene that nobody can forget! I get chills till this day, thinking back on how bad I wanted to be a passenger on that Christmas train. At one point in our life we all believed in Santa (if you still do, you’re probably too young to have a medium account, or you got some issues) and would have geeked about the opportunity to board a train and go to the FREAKING NORTH POLE!!! When the opportunity actually arose I was a lot more timid to accept. I was no longer a child and as an adolescent teen that stuff was for babies. Nonetheless I was dragged along to the family event. We boarded an old fashioned steam train, where we were given cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy while they read the book over the intercoms. This is the day I realized I enjoyed watching a movie more than being read a book by a stranger. On top of all this the train was moving at a whopping speed of 10 mph. Im sure this wouldn’t have mattered if we were up in the snow capped mountains in Colorado, hugging the edge of a steep edge while risking our lives. But it did matter, because we were in boring, flat, “I can see everything for miles”, LUBBOCK TEXAS. Luckily for you we won’t be talking about that express any longer, and I won’t be taking any train rides in the near future.

The express that has my attention now that I am a young adult, is a program that is teaching me how to create a server. One thing that I find challenging about code is how different the world that we have stepped into is. If it is not something that you are directly involved with it is mind blowing how much information there really is out there. You can study web -development everyday for the rest of your days and your knowledge would equate to a couple grains of sand on a beach. This can make everything seem so overwhelming at first and almost enough to make people want to quit. The only way to move forward is to embrace it all and learn on the fly.

While the list of disappointments in my life is an ever growing list, the ones involving projects is new and very short. This is due partly because I am a master programmer, and partly because I don’t have that much experience under my belt. However one assignment that I particularly regret is my portfolio that we built in web 101. I think that it looks tacky and generic and it would be skipped over in a heartbeat if it ever made it to a recruiters computer. I plan on redoing it very soon where I will actually try and boast all the skills that I have gained. I want to make a portfolio that is not only easy on the eyes but has enough under the hood in JavaScript that would make Evel Knievel tremble.

If you want to work on getting your name and your brand out there, SEO is what you want to focus on. Search Engine Optimization is what you would want for your web page/ business to be the first thing that comes up when somebody searches for something on google. There are many things that you can focus on when keeping SEO in mind. The first is to know who your intended audience and your intended industry is going to lie in.

When building a website there are guidelines out there on how to make it as fast and scalable as possible. These include optimizing the size of the images on your website. Larger images not only take longer to load, but they might not resize properly when adjusting the webpage. One important thing to do is to include media Queries in your CSS so that all the different sizes of monitors will not break your code.