Approaching the End.

Omar Gonzalez
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Another week has come and gone. Not only does that mean that I am a week older, but another week closer to finishing the Austin Coding Academy Boot Camp. The skills that I have learned during my studies will hopefully be something that I use for the rest of my days. We are now in the final course where we are learning how to style and bring your front end to life. I thoroughly enjoy using react and I like to believe that I am somewhat decent at it. Like with anyone who has ever coded, I definitely have some room for improvement. Ever since learning about React it has changed the way I think about websites and I will continue to use react for all my future projects.

This week in class was a little weird since it came after the Holidays. We had our first class a couple of weeks ago and had a two week break since then. It was nice to be off for two weeks, but I cant stress enough how rusty you can become by not coding anything for two weeks. Without being dramatic its almost like you have never seen a single line of code and you are starting over from day one. This week was great though, because we learned about Mapping.

We got a little bit of insight on state, which is something that we will be working on repeatedly for the rest of the course, and I imagine in my professional career as well. State can be defined as the ‘status’ of something. To give somebody with a non coding example of what state is, lets say I have a button that can change my website from light mode to dark mode. The website starts off in light mode, so the status is ‘light mode’ when I click on the button, I have written a function to change the status of that page to ‘dark-mode’ hence changing the state to be dark mode. When you are in the parent component, you can use state. However when the state is defined in a parent component and you want to access it inside of a child component, you can do this by passing through props. This gives the child component everything it needs to access and change the state that is inside of another file.

ReactDom module exposes DOM-specific methods. ReactDom is basically what is used to render the components that you have made using REACT.

React. createClass allows you to generate component “classes.” Under the hood, your component class is using a bespoke class system implemented by React. With ES6, React allows you to implement component classes that use ES6 JavaScript classes. The end result is the same — you have a component class.