Hide ya wife, Hide ya kids, — CO-VID19

I’ve decided to bring you another edition of the Lost in The World Blog thread, even though the world is in complete chaos right now. You go to the stores you cant find any toilet paper, you’ll more than likely encounter long lines at the grocery store and pretty much any sport event known to man has been cancelled. This is the new life in the early months of 2020. If you had told me after Kobe died that 2020 was only going to trend downwards I would not believe you, yet here we are with a global pandemic on our hands. So even though the pandemic is not here at home just yet, I know its only a matter of time before it is here and yet the entire country doesn't seem to care. I have my reasons to believe this will get way worse due to the irresponsible way people have handled this whole dilemma. The good news is that in my new line of work, working from home is a total reality. The bad news is that I haven’t secured a job in this new line of work yet. Through all the disruption and the loss of normality I want to keep positive and hope that we get through this ASAP, and the normal way of life will follow suit. So without any more delay here are my ‘Tech questions of the week”.

  1. Describe one thing you learned in class today.

Today I learned that not everyone you meet at student-mixer events has your best interest in their minds. As a class we discussed a certain individual that presented himself as a fellow sheep enjoying the good times and great conversation, yet had way darker intentions. I sadly was too excited about the fact that an actual business owner was talking to me and asking for a business card to even notice that everything was to good to be true. Even though I caught a sleezy salesman vibe from him I kept engaging in conversation with the hopes of landing a job. After discussing this in class, I realized that while he was technically throwing us a bone or two, he was in the process of trying to open a skeletal museum with thousands and millions of bones. So small picture it seemed great, but in the greater scheme of things we were going to be making one man very rich off of the fruits of our labor. Im thankful for the discussion we had in class, because even though we encountered a black sheep we are now a pack of wolves ready to face the world.

2. Describe the difference between <script>, <script async> and <script defer>.
So the difference between script async and script defer, are actually when the script is loaded into the web page. Async will load in at the first opportunity even before the page is done downloading. This can cause your browser to render the webpage slower than expected if there is a ton of script that needs to be loaded in as well. Script defer will be executed in the order that they are laid out in. This is useful, because if placed at the end of the body tag they will allow for all of the HTML content to be loaded before the script is considered. This will allow for a smoother startup for your webpage before the script does its damage. If you have a a hundred something lines of code website it doesn’t really matter where script is placed or which method you prefer!

3. What are data- attributes good for?

Data attributes are useful for storing custom data inputs in private on the webpage. A data attribute consist of two main parts, the attribute name, and the attribute value. an example would be name=myNewAttribute, value= 5. This would ensure that any time I try and use the ‘myNewAttribute’ the value would always be 5 no matter what unless I manipulate it to do otherwise.

4. Describe the difference between a cookie, sessionStorage, and localStorage.

First let us cover why they are alike. All three mentioned above are ways to store data on the client side. A big difference between the three is how long that data is stored. Cookies will store and track your traces on the web for as long as that browser window is open. If you somehow have a browser tab open always and use the same tab without ever closing it. Then congrats through cookies ‘they’ know every site you have visited anything you have inputed into the internet and every single thing you have clicked on! This is how you get those weird facebook ads that seen to make you believe the government is listening. localStorage and sessionStorage are relatively new APIs (meaning, not all legacy browsers will support them) and are near identical (both in APIs and capabilities) with the sole exception of persistence. sessionStorage (as the name suggests) is only available for the duration of the browser session (and is deleted when the tab or window is closed) — it does, however, survive page reloads.

5.What kind of things must you be wary of when designing or developing for multilingual sites?

If you’re making a website for a global company you have to make sure you are prepared for whatever area of the world you are trying to target. You must have a cultural awareness as if not to offend somebody. Just because you can say or post something on the web here in the US, does not mean that that content would be accepted somewhere else. You must also be very careful when choosing a translator because without you actually knowing the language being translated you cant ensure that the grammar is correct. You can design a beautiful website that makes no sense whatsoever when translated.

6. How do you serve a page with content in multiple languages?

Always use a language attribute on the html tag to declare the default language of the text in the page. When the page contains content in another language, add a language attribute to an element surrounding that content.

Use the lang attribute for pages served as HTML, and the xml:lang attribute for pages served as XML. For XHTML




Lost in the world.

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