It’s all about how you REACT.

Omar Gonzalez
2 min readJan 20, 2021


typical coding picture.

Hello, I bet y’all are wondering where the hell I have been. I have been zero dark thirty for a couple weeks now. Between the pandemic that is still raging on and all of the problems that life brings with it 2020 was jam packed with the most outrageous and jaw dropping moments, any of us have witnessed in our lives. Despite all of these things, the only thing that matters is how you react. Que the ominous music as my desperate attempt at making a connection with real life and what we are learning in our last full course before we graduate from Austin Coding Academy falls flat. If everything goes according to plan ( I should say wishes) This year should yield some magnificent changes in my life and I will hopefully be on my way to a very long and successful career in web-development.

Something that I learned in class today/this week, was actually getting introduced to React. React was created by Facebook as a way to style the web page without having to reload the entire webpage every time something changes. As you can imagine this makes the website that you are visiting run seamlessly and at impressive speeds. There are also many tools that can be used with React in order to style the website with a unique touch.

Even though I am fairly new to React, There are many different ways to go about using it, and two methods are by using functional components and Class Components. Functional components are just simple JavaScript functions that will return JSX. Class Components when being used require you to make a class that extends React.component. The JSX that we want to see will be returned inside of the render method.

When we start off and want to create a new react app from scratch we use NPX create-react-app. We do this inside of the terminal where we will change directories until we are inside of the correct folder that you would like to use to store the app. You have to be sure that your computer will have everything that it needs in order to install a new app that way.

Earlier in this blog you saw me type that functional and class components return JSX. So what is JSX? JSX is a faster safer JavaScript. It is an object oriented programming language designed to run on modern browsers.

The virtual DOM is a node tree that lists elements and their attributes and content as objects and properties.

The difference between an element in React and a component in React is that a React component is a function that accepts an input and returns a a react element.