Node Country for Old Men (2020)

Omar Gonzalez
3 min readDec 2, 2020


an old guy in a country that is not suited for him.

BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE MOVIE TITLES. I know you are getting sick of them. The real question is, how can long can I possibly keep this up? That answer in short is FOR EVER. One week closer to finishing this current course and I could not be more stressed! Stressed about the remaining assignments, stressed about the upcoming and final course, and even stressed about securing a job after class is done with. Through all this stress it is neat to note that I am actually learning an insane amount of new skills each and everyday.

JavaScript is a single threaded app. While node.js does spawn child threads to do certain task such as asynchronous I/0, they run behind the scenes and do not execute any application in JS. nor do they block the main event loop.

When developing a new project, it is pretty important that everybody that is working on the project be consistent in style. This is made possible by tools such as JSLint, JSHint, ESLint, and JSCS. These tools are useful to enforce a given styles guide.

AngularJS is a framework for javascript, while NODE.JS is backend language that utilizes javascript. Angular is more front end that enables developers to to create web apps using MVC along with html. Basically one is for the front end, while the other is for the backend.

Node.js has many advantages and those include that it is easy to learn, while it keeps things simple. There is a huge community so more than likely you are not facing your problems alone. There will always be someone who has already faced a problem that you are currently going through! It is also an advantage for those who already know JS, because they can continue to use javascript as the backend language.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a lightweight way to store and transfer data. This is how we communicate from the web page to a rest API. JSON is the information that is returned when a request is made!

Agile is a project management method that is used to deliver complex projects by emphasizing on collaboration. Continuous improvement and high quality results. The way I understand it is a team of webdevs releases a first version while always rolling out updated versions whenever they become available.

A difference between waterfall and scrum, is that waterfall is schedule driven, while scrum is value driven. Scrum is basically asking “what is the most valuable item that we can deliver today” while water fall derives from a plan that takes into consideration the cost, schedule and the estimates. Scrum seems to be a more on the fly method.

The three amigos in Scrum consist of a BA, a developer, and a tester. This is encourages collaboration which is what scrum is. Time-boxed events in scrum is allotting a fixed, maximum amount of time for an activity to be completed. Whatever the unit of time that is taken becomes known as the time box. This could be a day, or even months. It keeps a clear goal of the progress that should be achieved at a certain time frame. Scrum masters and product owners must work together closely. A scrum master manages the agile team, while the product owner manages the backlog for the product in order to ensure the company gains the maximum value from the product.