SuperMax Security

Omar Gonzalez
2 min readDec 3, 2020

Did yall know one of the most notorious and famed drug lords is currently being held prisoner in the United States? El Chapo, arguably the biggest drug dealer the world has ever seen was finally bought to justice in Mexico, and then extradited to the US. He is housed in Colorado at a supermax prison. This guy is so dangerous that regular maximum security prisons were not worthy of housing the inmate. It is actually fitting because he has escaped captivity twice in maximum prisons in Mexico. If you can think of that level of security, then you can relate to the amount of security is added to your API when you add a way to get authenticated. This is a way to ensure nobody that you do not trust is poking around all your precious data. Think of authenticating as a bouncer outside of the club only allowing people that are on the list inside of the club.

The distinction between operational and programmer error is very precise. Operational errors are part of the normal operation of a program. Programmer errors on the other hand are known as bugs. A difference in those two are the ways that we are able to figure out why the errors are delivered and how to correct them.

Event-Driven programming is when a program that is desired to respond to user engagement in various forms. This means that the program is dependent on an event such as a mouse click or a key press. These events are monitored by event listeners that will be waiting for that specific function to surface.

Worker processes provide the execution environment for all the web sites and applications configured in IIS. Valuable info such as CPU utilization and memory footprint can be obtained from the API to help monitor the health of worker processes and the web server.

One way to make Node.js more scalable is by adding callbacks.

Global installation of dependencies are stored in the npm directory while local are stored in local mode. Globally deployed packages cannot be imported using require() in Node application directly.

a RESTful Web Service is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating web services. Web services that conform to the REST architectural style called, RESTful Web Services, provide interoperability between computer systems in the internet.