Omar Gonzalez
2 min readAug 9, 2021

The sad truth is, nobody reads these. I can write what I feel only to realize that they fall on no eyes. On the bright side, since no one is watching I don’t have to be shy. I can really let loose and paint the picture of what goes on in my mind. Maybe one day these words will fall upon a poor soul like mine, and help them through their situation like a lifeline. Sounds silly, yes, but to somebody lost this could be a message from something divine. Just a small sign that helps that individual to cling on for dear life. You have no idea how the smallest of things can help somebody get by.

Time heals all is what they say. But the loneliness is the only thing there at the end of each day. You have to learn how to cope and keep the depression at bay. Because the demons will be at your throat if you cannot keep them away. The nights will get dark and will be filled with pain, unless you can face what you’re going through during the day. When the demons arrive, pull out your weapon and slay, because fighting like hell is the only way. In the darkest of depths I’ve led you astray, but being uncomfortable makes you stronger each day. You can face it or run however you may, but the latter brings you nothing in vain. Its all up to you if you’re willing to change.

It will get better and you will glow, but you cant stay forever down in that hole. You got to get back in touch with your soul, or you might never stop feeling low. Be the master of time and make it go slow, while you work on yourself and go get that dough. Once you’ve mastered your mind the rest is easy, you’ll get better in no time.

P.S. If you’re going through it, don't feel alone. Were all going through something.